Pulse Bangladesh Society believes transparency and integrity in every steps of the procurement process. The suppliers, vendors who are associated with pulse Bangladesh society are reckoned to be equally as our development partner. From disaster management to regular day to day development activities Pulse BD recognize the valuable contribution of it’s supplier and committed to fair and equal opportunities for all the suppliers who want to work with or have a holistic intention to work with Pulse BD. Moreover, Pulse BD want to strengthen the localization concept and hence, very promising to enhance the capability of the local supplier to face any challenges in term of local context and reiterated the promise to fairly evaluate all the proposals/RFQ/Tender submitted by the vendor. Pulse BD procurement depends on the procurement principles

1. Accountability

Effective mechanisms must be in place in order to enable procurement personnel to discharge their personal responsibility on issues of procurement risk and expenditure.

2. Competitive Supply

All procurement must be carried out by competitive process unless specifically justified in accordance with this Law or Government policy.

3. Consistency

Procurement policy shall be similar and consistent in terms of prevailing policy.

4. Effectiveness

Procurement should maximize the contribution to the commercial, regulatory and socio-economic goals of Government,meet the donor expectations and criteria in a balanced manner appropriate to the procurement requirement.

5. Value for Money

The procurement processes should be carried out to achieve the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability over the life cycle of the project.

6. Fair-dealing

Suppliers should be treated fairly and without unfair discrimination, including protection of commercial confidentiality where required. Procurement entities should not impose unnecessary burdens or constraints on suppliers or potential suppliers.

7. Integration

Procurement policy should pay due regard to its impact on the Cabinet’s

other economic and social policies.

8. Integrity

There shall be no corruption or collusion with suppliers or other persons involved in a procurement project.

9. Informed decision-making

Procurement entities are required to base decisions on accurate information and are required to monitor obligations to ensure that they are being met.

10. Legality

Procurement entities shall conform to legal requirements.

11. Responsiveness

Procurement entities should endeavor to meet the aspirations, expectations and needs of the community served by the procurement.

12. Transparency

Procurement entities should ensure that there is openness and clarity in the conduct of the procurement policy including in the carrying out of all actions and decisions.

RFQ:Ref. No. RFP-STC-024-1 & 2

The prospective bidder must complete and signed Suppliers Code of conduct & vendor’s Information sheet along with RFP.

Invitation For Tender